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Specialized in thermal insulation mattresses, acoustic insulation and passive fire protection.

How we work

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About Econtras®

Insulation company C.J. van Waas is a leading specialist in the field of thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, and passive fire protection. Under its econtras® brand name, the company has been operating in a wide range of industrial fields and numerous other fields both within the Netherlands and abroad for over 60 years now.

C.J. van Waas’ expertise and skill date back to the 1950s. At the time, the company mostly fulfilled the demand for insulation applications in the shipping industry. Over time, this family business’ scope has widened more and more. Operating out of Barendrecht, C.J. van Waas now also services the non-residential construction, industrial, petrochemical, energy, and offshore sectors.

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Paul Roodenburg, Owner

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