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Thermal Econtras® insulation pads

Technical insulation with Econtras ® flexible insulation pads starts where normal insulation stops. Are you looking for flexible insulation pads or materials for the thermal insulation of production systems, ships, building installations in all industry sectors, ship and yacht building, and utility and many other installations? Insulation company C.J. van Waas has the ideal flexible insulation pad solution for every sector.


We closely cooperate with clients, engineering agencies, and insulation companies. Insulation company C.J. van Waas B.V. boasts extensive knowledge and experience in the field of flexible insulation.

Why thermal insulation?

For many industrial activities, processes take place that benefit from relevant process variables like medium temperatures, production cycles, ambient conditions, and mechanical factors. In order to ensure these processes take place correctly and to maintain the correct temperature, the installations in which these processes take place need to be optimally insulated. Installations with a different temperature than their surroundings will otherwise lose heat or cold. Preventing micro-organisms like legionella is also possible through making the right choice of insulation.

Saving energy

Investing in technical insulation equals investing in unused energy, and contributes to reducing CO2 and NO2 emissions. Insulation also ensures an outage-free production process with minimum energy consumption and environmental tax. The installed insulation pads will pay for themselves thirty to forty times during their lifespan. The savings can be proven through calculations such as: maximum surface temperature, heat loss, and the heat-up and cool-down times. On top of that, we can help clients with the visualisation of their return on investment and with calculating the corresponding return time.

Our approach

We primarily use insulation pads for the thermal insulation of installations. The advantage of insulation pads is that they can be fully tailor made. This way, the shape of the pad and the object can meet as much as possible. This leads to optimum insulation, which can also be easily removed for maintenance. We only work with skilled and experienced experts when it comes to manufacturing and placing insulation materials. For decades, our experts have shared their knowledge with various institutions both at home and abroad. For more information, you can always approach our employees.


If you are interested in purchasing our thermal insulation, feel free to contact us.

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