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Power plants

In power plants, safety and continuity go hand in hand, and high-quality thermal and acoustic insulation is absolutely essential.

Insulation mattresses for power plants

C.J. van Waas understands like no other that insulating the special elements of power plants, such as their turbines, requires a range of specialisations; for example, the insulation has to be impeccable, both in the thermal and the acoustic realm.

Installing, repairing, or replacing insulation

Insulation work – both the initial installation work as well as the occasional replacement or repair work – must limit a power plant’s continuity as little as possible. Luckily, our econtras® insulation mattresses meet this brief. First of all, the wide range of fabrics and installation techniques ensures that we will be able to find the perfect custom solution for any situation. Furthermore, the fact that our econtras® products can be reused and are very easy and quick to install ensures minimal delay during replacement or repair work.

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If you have any questions about the various applications of our insulation mattresses in power plants, please feel free to contact us.


Applications in power plants

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