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Due to the remote location of most offshore activities, sound, easy-to-handle, durable insulation mattresses are of crucial importance.

Offshore insulation

Our econtras® removable insulation mattresses meet the steep requirements set for offshore insulation in all things. Their high-quality design, durability, and easy installation allow us to save money, time, and energy.

Removable insulation mattresses

Our removable insulation mattresses generally consist of a silicon sheath and certified insulation materials. Our offshore insulation mattresses for valves and flanges, amongst others, come with Velcro flaps instead of the usual stainless steel mounting hooks and wire. Naturally, we can incorporate any desired mounting option into the design depending on our clients’ specific needs.

econtras® insulation mattresses:

  • Save energy
  • Are water-resistant
  • Feature drainage plugs
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Are always custom-made
  • Are designed using CAD and cut electronically

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If you have any questions about the various applications of our insulation mattresses in the offshore sector, please feel free to contact us.


Applications in the offshore sector

isolatiematrassen offshore
Offshore isolatie
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