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Anti-static operation of Econtras® Isolation Mattresses

How does static electricity occur?

Static means stationary. Static electricity is a stationary electric current. Static electricity is a surface phenomenon and occurs when two or more surfaces come into contact with each other and are separated again. As a result, a kind of splitting takes place, i.e. the transfer of negative electrons from one atom to the other. The intensity of the charge (the field strength) depends on a number of factors: the material, and its physical and electric properties, temperature, humidity, pressure and speed of separation. The higher the pressure or speed of separation, the higher the charge intensity.

Econtras® isolation mattresses

The isolation mattresses we have manufactured have been tested by the certified testing agency “Dekra” (formerly KEMA) for possible static charges and discharge of a stationary electric charge. Test record no. 217562300.

Our Econtras® flexible isolation mattresses can be used for:

  • Gas Group I
  • IIA Propane
  • IIB Ethylene
  • IIC hydrogen


  • FLNG tankers
  • LNG storage industrial areas
  • Offshore platforms
  • etcetera

Applied materials upon request.

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