Fire safety

Especially in offshore activities and industry, (passive) fire safety is literally and figuratively of vital importance. C.J. van Waas is the insulation partner of seasoned players in this sector.

On offshore platforms, safety is a factor of cardinal proportions. Adequate safety management can prevent environmental disasters, loss of capital investments, and even loss of human lives.

The remote location of many offshore activities demands top performance from the fire-resistant insulation pads by C.J. van Waas. Their function is to prevent fire from spreading from one part to another.

The Jet Black Flexible Fire Shield was specially designed to perform in extreme circumstances. The multi-layered, flexible composition offers excellent passive fire protection against, among others, hydrocarbon fires.

The outer layer of the Jet Black pads is made of highly insulating, ultra-modern protective fabric, which can stand up to any weather condition. The high quality of the fabric also means it has a smaller size compared to conventional fire-resistant applications. This results in an unprecedentedly lightweight and flexible fire protection system.

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