Saving energy with insulation mattresses

Would you like to save energy by using insulation mattresses? Insulation reduces heat loss by no less than 85%. It also results in a reduction of your CO2 emission with a saving that offers a rapid return on your investment. Read more information on econtras® appurtenance insulation mattresses!

Energy-saving insulation mattresses

The importance in our society of socially and environmentally responsible entrepreneurship is growing. Not only government institutions, but also business and consumers are increasingly aware of environmental issues. If you have a need for more appurtenance mattress insulation or if the appurtenance insulation in your building(s) is inadequate, you (and many other companies) are currently wasting a lot of energy. As a result, you are spending more money and emitting more CO2 than necessary. This is not only very costly; it is also bad for the environment. With the econtras® insulation mattresses of insulation company C.J. van Waas, you can reduce energy loss via appurtenances by 85%. As soon as the mattress has been installed, the return on your investment starts, and you start saving on your energy bills. Insulation is recommended by Senter Novem as the ‘investment in the area of energy efficiency with the quickest return on investment'.

Businesses are ignoring millions of euros in energy savings

The statistics of the NCTI (the Netherlands Centre for Technical Insulation) show that an appurtenance (valve) without insulation in a power line in an outside set-up with a diameter of DN 150 (6”), a temperature of up to 220 ˚C and a pressure of 4 bar will leak 17 tonnes of CO2 per year. Insulation would save about 2000 euro in energy bills per year. And insulating such a valve would only cost 200 euro. The purpose of insulation is not yet clear to all. The general public still needs to be familiarised with this subject. It is time for a wake-up call for the entire industry in the Netherlands. We cannot implement this change on our own; it needs to be supported by the insulation industry as a whole. Insulation staff always get involved late in a construction process. The equipment is installed first, and insulation comes as an afterthought. These days, reduction of the CO2 emission is a high priority for businesses and government institutions. If, for example, econtras® insulation mattresses are used - which can be easily installed and removed - the return on investment is between 6 months and 2 years. The econtras® insulation mattresses can be made to size. We will send a 'tailor', who will measure the econtras® insulation mattresses, make them to size in our workshop, and professionally install them on the appurtenances to be insulated. This work requires thorough skills and knowledge. The measuring process is crucial for the shape and saving.

The purpose of insulation

Last year, television station RNN7 discussed the purpose of insulation. Their evening programme ‘Best in business’ had an audience of about 165,000 viewers. For us, this is a first step to inform people at home about the purpose of insulation. Television is a much-used medium and if the consumers know what our industry is doing and how relevant this could be for themselves, demand and use will grow. In the future, we plan to set up a ‘green’ quality label that indicates that a business is environmentally aware and energy efficient. CO2 is a hot issue in all parts of the world and will remain so for a very long time.

Examples of insulation mattresses

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