Energy-saving and heat-resistant insulating sheaths

Are you looking for a reliable insulation system? The insulation sheaths by insulation company C.J. van Waas, also known as Econtras®, offer a solution for every situation imaginable. No matter the dimensions of the object in question, we can insulate it for you. We have specialised in producing energy-saving and heat-resistant sheaths for dozens of years.

Our insulation sheaths

Our insulation sheaths, or insulation pads, ensure that, among others, machines, pipes, and appendages are fully insulated. That way, they do not lose heat and will not have to work as hard. We have 35 different types of tissue to produce insulation sheaths for various circumstances. The most frequently used insulation materials are mineral wools, like glass wool and stone wool. We tailor these energy-saving sheaths to your situation, so we can offer you the right solution. On top of that, they are easy to remove, since we attach the insulation sheaths using Velcro or buckles.
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The sectors of C.J. van Waas

The heat-resistant and energy-saving sheaths we produce can be applied in the following sectors:

  • Industry
  • Offshore
  • Automotive
  • Shipping
  • Utility

Insulation sheath advantages

Compared to other insulation options, our insulation sheaths offer many advantages. Apart from the fact that they can easily be replaced and are tailored to your situation, they also ensure lower energy bills. With our heat-resistant sheaths, you can reduce your heat loss by as much as 85 percent. It is an investment at the start, but it will fully pay for itself in a few years. On top of that, your company will move with the times by working in an energy-saving and environmentally friendly manner.

Insulation consultant energy-saving sheaths

Do you have any questions about our energy-saving sheaths? Our insulation consultant is happy to visit you to see the options. He can also investigate where in your company you can save energy.

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