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Noretex is the solution for housing generator sets, in particular generator sets not fitted with a conventional steel enclosure during construction.

Practice shows that when a generator set needs to be fitted in an acoustic enclosure afterwards, this is often a major and therefore costly process.

The solution to this problem was found in using an enclosure made of aluminium profiles and panels made of flexible materials.

Because of its practical application, Noretex can be used almost universally in different industries. In addition to application for generator sets, Noretex can also be used for insulation of, for example, compressors, sawing machines, pumps, ventilators, etc.

Benefits of the Noretex insulation system:

  • Easy installation
  • Compact in size, so obstacles like a stairwell to the engine room are no longer a problem
  • More affordable than a conventional system
  • Excellent accessibility of the installation because the panels can be easily removed (mounted with velcro)
  • High noise reduction: about 20-25 dBA for the range 63 - 8000 Hz with panels fitted with 100 mm absorption material
  • Because of the use of panels made of flexible materials, no resonance can occur in the panels themselves

Paul Roodenburg, Eigenaar

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